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FM optics is an interesting story.  DKG Trading has been importing this product since the beginning.  The DKG buyers made trip after trip to China.  First to find the very best factories producing optics products over there.  Once that list was winnowed down, they looked to see which factories had the best management and production procedures.  Then they made their decisions as to who would put the FM Optics logo on final product.
Then these DKG Trading buyers took one, important additional step.  They laid out the exact, demanding specifications they expected for the final product when it arrived on the shores of the U.S.A.  You may not know this, but many scope/optics importers will simply buy what factories make available.  They have zero input as to what they eventually receive.  Not so with DKG Trading!
That's why when you closely examine the FM Optics line you're going to be very pleasantly impressed.  It's a complete line: from basic hunting riflescopes, to compact scopes, illuminated dot and laser sights, to high-tech tactical systems.  Hardware, too.  The premium glass is there, the quality is there, the ruggedness, the features you weren't expecting.  They’re all there.
Here's the kicker!  On average, FM Optics scopes and accessories run approximately 2/3 less than product with like features from the Big Boys.  You heard right.  FM Optics offers the qualities you expect from Mr. Name Brand at about 2/3 less in price.  Now—take an even closer look at FM Optics.