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Studies performed by NobelSport Research and Development Center are based on quality, performance and consumer requests in order to satisfy the latest demands in the market.

Everything is inspired by the desire to unite consumer experience,
and industrial research, and new regulations and rules.

Before launching a new product, in order to optimize ballistics efficiency, research and development is systematically carried out in our laboratories, which are equipped with high technology instruments, and are in compliance with all safety rules and regulations.

For the physical-chemical analysis, shooting-range trials, hands-on consumer workshops, and safety evaluation, NobelSport cartridges benefit from ISO 9001-specific quality procedures.

Research & Development

NobelSport, being the first European manufacturer of hunting and shooting powder, is proud of it’s heritage.

NobelSport produces and assembles all shotshell components, therefore bringing together, for the benefit of its clients, all its industrial experience:

Patented NobelSport special wad - the only one with an internal damper. Production of raw materials, components and a unique loading system guarantee the reliability of NobelSport cartridges, which are now produced in Rivalta and marketed to hunters and shooters all over the world. 3,100,000,000 shotshells have been manufactured to date!